The lid fell off our teapot and spilled in a rather delicate area. Now you can choose from two new nicknames: Baldy and Lefty!

Our intrepid photographer, Dragon, is a Christ-like figure who can resurrect dead hardware. He's still working on the "scotch taping the lady back together" trick, though.

Speaking of resurrection, I think this is Paul telling us about the O.J. Simpson web site, slash/backslash/escape

...Or something like that. Dawn and I have been trying to remember exactly how that one goes.

Looks like the party's winding down now. So, left to right, it's Great Uncle Bob (he's giving me curmudgeon lessons), Paul, Jacqui, Dad.

Just what the doctor ordered. A night out with friends and family. Left is a picture where you can actually see Jacqui's face. Right is my mom. In the middle is Dawn being provocative while Dragon looks on with bemusement.