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Custom Computer Software

47a Wylie Circle
Georgetown, Ontario L7G 5M1
Telephone: 905-873-0129
E-mail: ccs@netcom.ca

CCS provides custom programming and consulting services. Mostly it's me, Ken Rockson. On large jobs, we can provide and/or manage consultants and programmers.

Some of the jobs we've done

Air Canada's Job Control SystemDynamically organizes initiatives.
The Animation Station Bulletin Board SystemsFull-featured bulletin boards. Some versions include AI SysOp, on-screen animation and do-it-yourself adventure games.
Hillcrest Hospital's Admissions ProgramRelational patient/room database application.
Huparallations Silent PartnerThis, and related support programs, are used worldwide by several large companies to promote internal communication.
Inventory MachineManufacturing inventory, order entry and production control software which works with AccPac accounting software and EDS ASSET (EDI software).
Invoice MachineInvoicing and minor A/R for consultants and programmers.
Northern Telecom's Product Label Printing SystemA complex, Windows-based database application which directly drives networked Zebra thermal transfer printers and features FTP TCP/IP access.
Rhet Butler VoicemailThis software is used by over 20,000 people daily for long distance "gateway" service. Program written in C for multi-user Centrex access via Rhetorex voicemail cards.
Space WumpusA multi-user, multi-player shoot-em-up. Find the weapons. Find the ammo. Kill your buddies.
Tanks A LotA tank shoot-em-up in a maze with 6 players and bouncy shots.
WaiterWaits until the end of the hour, serves batches from text file, returns errorlevels.

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EPI Internet Direct.
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