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I'd like to encourage you to click on the advertisements from time to time. It does pay the bills. In particular, the GoToMyPC and Think Tank links. Think Tank Computers is my computer store in Acton, Ontario and GoToMyPC is just spiffy remote-control software everyone can use.

This is an old-school adventure game where you play along until you reach an unwritten section. You then have the option of adding to the adventure. While the features are limited for the moment, there are new ones coming all the time. Check the Wish List for the current crop of upcoming or wanted features. All comments and suggestions welcome. Just send an e-mail to ken@rockson.com. If you are new to text adventuring, please read the Writer's Guide for tips and suggestions. I'd appreciate it if we could maintain a PG-13 rating at least so far as the dirty words go (I've gotten enough nasty e-mail about the regular pages here). When you click the login button below you will be prompted for a username and password. Sections of the adventure you have created will have "by UserName" displayed.

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