Do It Yourself Adventure Writer's Guide

I'll just start by saying that there is no right or wrong way to write segments of the Do It Yourself Adventure. I'd like to maintain a PG-13 rating to save me nasty e-mails and having to write censor routines. Mostly, just be creative. Coming up with euphamisms for dirty words can be very creative. This guide basically covers text adventure concepts for the layman.

Keep in mind that the player is being described when you write. Writing things like "I noticed I was being watched," won't read as well as, "You have the feeling that you are being watched." The idea is that you are telling the reader what he sees, hears, feels, etc.

Every location in the adventure is like entering a room. Of course, it's only a room if you say it is. Because adventurers may enter from any allowed direction, your description should be fairly generic. Saying, "As you enter from the North, you can see a glow ahead to the South," wouldn't read right for a player returning from the South, for instance. You'd be better off writing, "Entering the room, you notice a glow to the South."

Items are a bit tricky right now as there is no inventory at this time, but you can always do things like, "Turn the knob to the North." then describe the door or device working when the reader goes North." Of course, you'll want something similar on the other side of the device to make it make sense from both directions.