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Saw U-Turn on the weekend. Cool movie. Kind of like "Oliver Stone does Red Rock West." Sean Penn plays this total loser who gets stuck in a small Arizona town on his way to Las Vegas. Spookily like Georgetown, but the IRC's have taught me that all small towns are pretty much the same anyway.
I won the lottery! Check out my scratch and win Bingo card! Okay. It's only $25, so either I excite easily or I'm looking for any cheap excuse to play with my new scanner. You be the judge.

If I hadn't been living here for the past 20 years, I'd swear it's my imagination. But it's not. These people are nuts! I'm sure nobody wants to know about the soap opera that's going on around me, but SHEESH!

Oh ya. Judging by the hit counter, I need to find that sense of humour again, but since only my friends are reading this, anybody seen the package of stick-on cup-holders?

Found a neat site yesterday courtesy of Tracy. Dogz are these virtual pets. They've also got Catz and Oddballz. The demo is like this five-dog puppy love room where you can play with various Dogz. Pretty cool.
Hey! The birthday party photos have just come in from Universal Exports via special courier.
Ah Love!
That shaky, sweaty-palmed feeling. The racing of the heart. The enhanced perception. Who needs love when there's coffee?

But seriously folks, I'd just like to thank everyone who made my birthday special this year. My parents. My friends. The long list of strangers who sent me e-mail and e-cards from the World Birthday Web. Love ya!

Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday dear Kennnnnnnnnneeeeeeth!
Happy birthday to me!
So I'm walking down Spadina (in downtown Toronto) last night and there's all these cool posters with a voluptuous Barbie doll reclining on them. The caption is "There are 3 billion women who don't look like super models and only 8 who do." I had to have it. Dunno exactly what the appeal was besides the obvious, but found it on the Body Shop web site. The site is pretty cool. Politically active without being rabid. It also made a lot of points vis-a-vis super models and their negative effects on society (erm... they put that better). Anyway, it's worth a look.
I was just in this Tim Horton's (a Canadian coffee shop) the other day and they have a smoking area. It's this Plexiglass cube in the corner of the store. They're all hunched over behind the glass with their sunken eyes. It reminded me of the ape house at the Metro Toronto Zoo. Much like the ape house at the Zoo, the residents seem to get rather upset if you tap on the glass and make faces! Ya. That's right. I'm a non-smoker. I like the concept that Tim Horton's has come up with. More power to 'em!
I kinda like this Twin Peaks MIDI file, but what would be really cool are the following .mid files for various pages: Duke Of Earl, The Rockford Files and The Java Jive. Share and enjoy, I always say. Speaking of which, I just found someplace interesting. Christian's & Scott's Interactive Top Ten List.

This is the current edition of the Rockson Files.
1999 Part One
Emasculation, movie reviews, Bare Naked Ladies, Catbert and more!.
1998 version of the Rockson Files. Not that it was an uneventful year, but it's been such a long, strange trip that updating the web site has been left on the back burner.
New Year's
This is the ultra-cheezy New Year's Edition of the Rockson Files.
This is the collection of the 1997 Rockson Files.

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