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I Feel Good!

Man! I should have left that loser job months ago! Within 48 hours of leaving that place my two-month-long perpetual cough has disappeared, my outlook has improved a zillionfold, recruiters are falling over themselves to get at me (a perq of living in Seattle) and I am facing worlds of opportunity. I do have the visa thing to sort out so there's a bit of pressure to act quickly to find another job, but things just look great, spiffy, shiny and new today!


Hey! I can see my house from here!

Pretty cool, huh?


Thoreau-ly Catbert

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them."

But not me! I'm free, Baby, free! Catbert has released me from a life of quiet desperation and there's a song in my heart! No more will I have to endure her snide remarks, petty politics, slander and continual attempts to have me fired for the crime of doing better than her. Yeeeee Hah!

Let's Have Some Fun!

I was worshiping at the altar of my Digital Goddess, Kim Kommando and found a fun little site called the Jar-Jargonizer.

This is the current edition of the Rockson Files.
Why 2K?
I find my House, my Testicles and my Digital Goddess.
1999 Part One
Emasculation, movie reviews, Bare Naked Ladies, Catbert and more!
1998 version of the Rockson Files. Not that it was an uneventful year, but it's been such a long, strange trip that updating the web site has been left on the back burner.
New Year's
This is the ultra-cheezy New Year's Edition of the Rockson Files.
This is the collection of the 1997 Rockson Files.
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