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A Fitting Tribute

From time to time I have to travel to Vancouver to support my Canadian identity. This time, I was in Canada Post and noticed a poster announcing the new Pierre Elliott Trudeau memorial stamp. It struck me that this is a much more fitting memorial than Mount Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Now, instead of an elite few spending thousands of dollars and travelling thousands of miles to climb on his face, millions of Canadians can lick his backside whenever they pay their bills and taxes!


Yada Yada Yada

Wow. Has it been a year already? Time sure flies when your life sucks!

As a Canadian working in the States, a large portion of my life revolves around placating both Revenue Canada and the IRS, not to mention the immigration service. The past few weeks have been spent trying to get a letter together with my employer to take to the border. There aren't a lot of firm rules for this process. You can have a temporary visa if your papers are in order and the guard likes you unless he decides that you've had too many temporary visas. There is no number. It's up to the disposition of the guard. With a bit of luck, they'll give you a visa for the maximum one year, otherwise it's another trip and another filing fee after the period expires. Yada. Yada. Yada.
If you're successful here and want to stay permanently, you have to leave and apply for a green card, a process that can take years. If you apply for a green card while you're working temporarily it's called dual intent and will get your visa cancelled and can even get you deported. Of course, if you're an illegal Mexican, the INS will give you a green card under the right circumstances. The only two ways around this that I know of is marriage (well, sort of, because you have to quit your job and wait for the green card, but it's a faster process so you might get one before your six month vacation limit is reached) and the H-1 visa which is a six-year deal during which you ARE allowed to apply for a green card. Of course, they keep changing the rules for employers on such a regular basis that they're afraid to commit to the thing. Ho Hum.
So sometime soon, it's another trip to the border to see how many months in the future I can make plans, if any. Man. This stuff just stresses me out.

Women. Well, two years ago I met The One. She isn't perfect, but she loves me (I'm going to assume she still does) which is a first. Other women have pretended to or even convinced themselves they really did, but this woman really did. She loved the things I love about myself. Most women just get really annoyed when I act like myself. She would get turned on and interested. Her mother didn't quite share her enthusiasm which made making plans a bit troublesome. To make a long story short, I haven't seen The One in over a year now. Or as Moe Berg says, "No more boy meets girl boy loses girl. More like man tries to figure out what the hell went wrong."
I had made it a rule not to discuss my women on the web site because saying good things about the ex's just invites trouble from the current one and saying bad things makes your woman think she'll be next on the hit list. Anyway, there's the reader's digest version. Dated a woman for a few months this year, but that didn't work out. I'm not really sure why, but I'm getting too old to drive myself crazy trying to work this stuff out. I try to keep it in my pants at work just to keep my life simple, but some days I wonder about the wisdom of that as well. There was a girl at my last(ish) job that I kind of regret ignoring, but that's a whole other story, most of it probably in my head anyway.
From time to time I think it would be wonderful to be Dr. Frankenstein. To take bits and pieces of women and make one UberVixen from them. I mean, if I couldn't have The One only a bit more mature. Actually growing with The One would be really cool, but enough of that.

I don't talk about my job much to avoid complications at work. You never know who will read what into anything. The place is still pretty cool, though.
My social life consists of a few boring beers after work with coworkers, visiting with my parents who have moved about five hours away to Kelowna, being a fifth wheel around my married friends and avoiding an ex girlfriend who can be an emotional terrorist when she's in the mood for it. I haven't really been dating because these Seattle women just aren't doing it for me. You just want to shake them and yell, "Grow Up For Crying Out Loud!" after a few weeks of their charmless childishness. Of course, some days I have much firmer resolve than others. I get the occasional e-mail from people who read this drivel, but it's mostly hate mail from Americans.
Still, there's worse things than job stress and boredom and it's not like I can't move back to Canada if it gets unbearable. The point of the Seattle move was to be on the West coast and since the Vancouver job and real estate markets suck, here I am. Oh ya. And I cut my hair.

To Sum Up:

Yada Yada Yada



Well, It's the new and improved decaffeinated Rockson Files. New look. No music to upset the knobless multitudes. And I've lost the meaningless counter. But have no fear! It's all in the back issues!
So I've got a really cool job at the moment. No woman so I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts. Seen a few movies, but nothing really good or bad enough to mention. Just taking it easy really. Kind of wondering what I'm doing in Seattle, but in a good way. I know it's all Culture Shock and adjustment, but it's soooo difficult talking to people after the past two years of turmoil.
As for the Rockson Files, I've censored a few sections for pseudo-legal reasons. I'll probably put them back once I'm in Canada again. Anyway, the Rockson Files are an extension of a lifelong on-line journal more than 20 years old and when I censored it for the first time, it just lost importance somehow. Which is a drag because this is one of the few outlets I have left.


Ho Hum

Well that was my new camera. Loved the features. Loved the quality of the output, ease of use, etc. Only problem was the quality of the camera. Got tired of replacing them and went for the refund. Now it's a Creative WebCam Go which is the same idea only from the Creative Labs people. Not too thrilled with it, but time will tell.


Say Cheezy!

This is my new camera. It's the EZDual Cam and the neat thing about it, aside from the price, is that it's a web quality still camera that doubles for a digital video camera. In other words, I can do .... or I can plug it into my computer and use it for the RocksonCam!


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