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Oh Canada!

Wow. Five years have passed since I last added to the Rockson Files. As you can see I haven't aged exactly as expected and a bit more "cuddly" than I'd wanted to be, too! When I last wrote, I'd finished doing Y2K work on supercomputers in Seattle and SoCal. I was hanging out in my apartment after a job in the aircraft industry and finding a hard time finding employers willing to hire foreigners in the wake of 9/11. Anyway, I had made enough to pay off my house in Georgetown, Ontario with a few bucks to spare so I came back to Canada and semi-retirement much to the joy of the local con artists. A few injuries and a computer store later, I find myself in the next town over -- Acton -- running Think Tank Computers Inc.


Hello! I'm Bob The Bear! Scuse the sloppy picture. Bears don't do so good with Scotch tape!



Ken's Not Here, Man!

Ken's taking a vacation, looking for work, visiting Vancouver and writing software. He left me sitting on his desk like a paperweight with a bunch of notes under my butt so I'm writing the Rockson Files while he's out.

This is the current edition of the Rockson Files.
Trudeau, the INS and webcams!
Why 2K?
I find my House, my Testicles and my Digital Goddess.
1999 Part One
Emasculation, movie reviews, Bare Naked Ladies, Catbert and more!
1998 version of the Rockson Files. Not that it was an uneventful year, but it's been such a long, strange trip that updating the web site has been left on the back burner.
New Year's
This is the ultra-cheezy New Year's Edition of the Rockson Files.
This is the collection of the 1997 Rockson Files.
Toronto web space provided by
Think Tank Computers Inc..

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